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Exciting Event Prep

Posted on June 24 2021

Wow what a big week we've had at More than Flowers this week!!

It's been an all hands on deck kind of week! We've had a huge event to prep for with 150 corsages, 105 button holes, two huge stage arrangements, six floral arrangements to decorate supersized Moet champagne bottles and a massive presentation bouquet. Not only that, we've also had the Hamilton Boys High School ball, so you can imagine how many corsage's and button hole's we've had to do this week! We will definetley have perfected our corsage and button hole skills by the end of this week :)

We love how creatively diverse our job can be when helping our customers create their perfect event!! It's so cool to see our customers share their creative sides with us, we love exploring through ideas to find the perfect one for all of our customers events!! 

As we mature and grow our ideas do to, looking back at what we created 10 years ago to what we get to create today is so different and we have loved seeing how far we've evolved with our customers! We've been redesigning our logo and in store look to show just how far we've grown as a business. We're so proud to show our customers what we've been up to instore and with our new logo! Come in store and tell us what you think!! :)

- Vicki & the More than Flowers team xx